Friday, March 4, 2011

March is in like a Lamb!

Thursday we had a visitor with us at the yarn shop! A 2 day old ram lamb that was not getting enough from his mama came with Stella and I so we could keep an eye on him and keep him fed and warm. Stella as you can see by the pictures took this upon herself and kept attempting to feed him throughout the day. The milk he enjoyed, but the whole wheat bread that she especially tore into small pieces and put in a bowl for him he did not.

Although normally i don't mind a "special" lamb or two a year, I am glad to have found this little guy a great home with a family who will be less stressed to keep him fed 6-8 times a day in the next month or so than I with a baby of my own due anytime!


vantiganloos said...

at least that he looks so good!
and that you found other caretakers!
and I could SWEAR that Stella had braids in that picture...

Amanda M said...

So cute! Good for you finding a home for him, though Stella looks like she is taking very good care :)