Monday, June 29, 2009

Crazy Daze - July 11th

Hey there all you fiber lovers! July 11th is Viroqua’s Crazy Daze, a city wide side walk sale! Ewetopia will have lots of yarn on sale, and possibly even Clover Needles! It’s a good reason to take a beautiful drive to Viroqua!

PS - There is also a blue grass festival at the fair grounds and i hear a bunch of antique tractors will be gracing us all around town!

We hope to see you July 11!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cybal and Brita

We have a couple of new additions to Woolly Bear Farm, a couple of rambunctious white and tan Great Pyrenees pups to be exact! Their names are Brita and Cybal. Brita meaning "exalted one" and Cybal meaning prophetess or fortune-teller. They are quite joyful, especially when they grab a a sock from one of our boots and run with it! They have met their woolly charges and are a little intimidated, but brave and quiet, just what we need! Our former sheep guard, Herman the donkey is now in exile with our small herd of cattle and recieving the same treatment he gave to the sheep!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

NEW diaper cover pattern

Now that Stella is here, it has been easier to dream up design patterns that will actually work! My new twist on the diaper cover that I had been designing pre-Stella is to make the whole thing bigger all over and use Ewetopia's own hand dyed superwash merino sock yarn to knit a casing along the leg edge for some elastic added after the felting of the actual cover made from Cascade 220. We will see. I am feverishly trying to finish some projects first... but simply had to cast on since I ran out of cotton last night working on the Nursing Tank and conveniently had this yarn in the knitting bag...

Sexy Mama Nursing Tank update

Well i sure hope this works! My wardrobe is quite limited now post pregnancy and pre-pre-pregnancy weight! My only concern is that the "openings" or "access points" if you will are too big and will droop down with the weight of the cotton to make skin visible... If this happens I believe sewing up another 10-15 sts and editing that part of the pattern will suffice nicely and will still be enough of an opening for nursing capabilities. Now it's mindless knitting from here to the last few rows of yet to be designed fun-ness!