Thursday, October 2, 2008

We're hitched! And the dress was worn!

Sept. 27th was a beautiful day, although storms had dominated the radar, the weather turned out perfect! I was glad, for more reasons than a dismal wedding weather day... I did NOT want to smell like dead fish (something silk is prone to do when wet, and something I lived through during the blocking process). The dress fit well, although in full Kathryn fashion (I always alter something the day of), I did have to sew my bodice to my strapless bra (the bra was too comfortable to go through the hassle of finding a new one!) Other than this little dilemma, the dress was great, and was only snagged a few times without much drama (something else I was worried about being in a barn and a field)!

The wedding itself, while almost completely spur of the moment and not at all rehearsed was beautiful and smooth despite the before mentioned reasons. Something very memorable during the ceremony were the cows, who occasionally gave a soft "moo" or would shake their bells. The reception was a wonderful night full of dancing, good food and great company! Keith and I thank you all for your support helping to make our day as wonderful and perfect as it was. Although the days leading up to it were stressful, the day itself was so amazing that it all became worthwhile. This is why people get married, to start a new life off surrounded by love from family and friends. Thank you.


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Thanks so much for the photos! You look radiant, and your dress is a masterpiece.