Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Happy Spring Everyone! Even after last night's storm the weather is still warm (relatively) and inspirational, a definite sign of spring! Yesterday I sent out Ewetopia's very first e-newsletter, I hope to make it a monthly ordeal with coupons, free patterns and other shop news! If you have not received it yet and would like to, feel free to e-mail me so i can put you on the list (and send a current issue!)

In other parts of the shop... as you can see I am still working on the wedding dress, but only a few more inches to go! The bodice has been blocked and all the odd curvature in it that was not expected has been straightened out nicely! I would like to send a warm thank you to the Stitch n Bitchers from Madison who made the long drive from Madison (driving that drive on a weekly basis i should know!) on Monday for our knitting group! PLUS many wonderful pictures were taken like the one above, THANK YOU! I would like to remind everyone that all are welcome to our Monday night group and our BRAND NEW Tuesday morning group for those die hard knitters who want to come to both, or for those who simply can't make it at night!
May the Fiber be with You!

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