Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dress update - IT'S ALMOST DONE!

It's off the needles and onto the mannequin! The full picture is pre-blocking and the first picture is a detail of the picot bind off that i quite like. Thank you Unfortunately as expected the dress grew in length after blocking and is now almost floor length, not quite the ankle length i was hoping for. I think i will investigate a hoop skirt at Bonnie's Bridal Center to see how that works with the crinoline over it and then the underskirt and lace over skirt (whew, glad its in September!). The idea is for it to be organic and not too wide, but make the heavy silk widen and allow the crinoline to do what its supposed to... give it some body for dancing! Which brings me to my next design decision. To make this outfit more fit for dancing than museum material, I'm planning to put the skirt on a drawstring so it can have just a bit of gathering, and will be removable for the dancing later that night, I just won't be able to think about anything else if I'm worried about snagging it! My friend said then next that that I looked lost without it always as a back up. After thinking about it, I am a bit lost I must admit, but i can now finish up the shrug and look at other aspects of the wedding planning... and designing... maybe flower crowns made from delicate felted i-cords and flowers? A veil? We will see what happens next and of course I'll keep you updated!


Sharon said...

I am so impressed, what a wonderful accomplishment! I can't wait to see it on you. You MUST publish a photo!


Anna said...

That is gorgeous and amazing. You should be incredibly proud of this beautiful creation!!!