Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wedding Dress update!

Update: Well i'm thinking of going 5 more inches and then starting the border! The finish line is in sight! I don't want the knitted lace to be too close to the ground since it will be an outdoor wedding... in a hay field! I'm pretty proud of myself for doing 1.5" yesterday! Its getting there!
Also, i had a very exciting interview with a woman who writes for a CA wedding guide website called herecomestheguide.com a while ago, and a couple days ago my dress was posted as a blog post on their website! Here is a link to the blog post! Very exciting!



AmandaMay said...

This is looking really amazing. And the piece at Here Comes the Guide is so great!

addypotter said...

This is looking great! I am so jealous that you are already working on your dress. I am still looking for a style that will go with myLake Tahoe weddings.