Friday, April 11, 2008

Shearing day!

They were very woolly little beasts, now they're much more deer like and although the weather is not cooperating, seem warm enough! I just need to keep reminding myself that other sheep are sheared much earlier in the year! Anyways, we have 10 beautiful fleeces, well 9 beautiful fleeces, UFO's fleece will most likely be used for weed barrier due to her traumatic lambing last spring and her amazing recovery. Bastien (Merino/Border Leicester yearling) has the most incredible fleece, the crimp of merino and the length and color of his sire (a Border Leicester). I'm already in the process of washing it so i can start yet another major project... a pea coat for next winter! The shop is over run with raw fleeces needing attention! Spring is so exciting!

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