Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Project - Antonia Vest

At the Shepherd's Harvest Festival in the twin cities a few weeks ago I was inspired by a woman's scarf which was quite simple, garter stitch length wise, but knit the majority was knit in a fine lace weight mohair and then had single rows of a thicker cotton yarn occasionally thrown in. It looked woven and not knitted at all! Loved it! Although i saw many beautiful hand knits that weekend, this one stuck in my mind and I decided to work this concept into a basic pullover vest and knit out of our brand new lace weight brushed mohair and multi-colored hand dyed Rupunzel (a beautiful 100% tussah silk single ply).

The vest is worked length wise in two pieces (a front and a back) and has short rows across the bottom for a more flattering fit. I think this will look fantastic with a wide belt. I have named it after my favorite Bohemian heroine from "My Antonia" by Willa Cather.

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