Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New LOCAL merino yarn

We have finally received our shipment from Zeilinger Fiber Mill in Frankenmuth, MI of our very own merino sheep! We had it blended with 25% nylon in hopes of creating our own sock yarn. Unfortunately it is a bit thick for socks... worsted weight... But will make glorious strong slippers or a sweater! It is nicely spun and I have high hopes of it not pilling very much. I will give you an update on that once I have it knitted up! We have dyed it into many beautiful colors and also have a bunch of the natural cream! the put up is 3.5 oz skeins that are approx. 200 yards.


AmandaMay said...

So pretty! That's fantastic that its from your own flock!

yojane said...

I'm excited about a thicker "sock" yarn because I never knit socks with fingering weight due to a tragic knitting event. So I am saving up all my disposable income (yes, I will cash in those cans) to purchase some of this yarn to make nice, thick, warm, lovely socks.

Another reason I like thicker sock yarn - my son wears a size 13 shoe - so I don't want to take months to knit a pair of socks.