Sunday, December 2, 2007

Update on the wedding dress

As many of you know (if you know me) i am in the midst of knitting my wedding dress. It was coming along well, until i put it down for a few months and couldn't seem to pick it back up, even after an official engagement had happened and all that jazz, you would think i would be more stoked to finish it if i had a deadline! Well no. So, i try and jump start my ambitions again i decided to start over! What a great solution!?! Well in fact it actually does seem to be a good solution, i am much more ambitious and due to it being in the round and having to not purl any longer! I have also started the corset top which should be extremely fun, mostly because it knits up much faster than having to deal with a round of 300-600 stitches!


AmandaMay said...

gorgeous. wow!

Emily said...

Unbelievable! Keep going!