Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Scheming

So as spring draws nearer and nearer, even the short lasted blizzard on Easter can't stop the scheming that seems to come from nothingness. Last spring it was how do i start a yarn shop, this year it is how to start a Ewetopian line of yarn! My goal is to have a line of yarn that is spun from blended fibers (not dip dyed, but dyed before spinning) to give a more subtle color effect. You may remember the beautiful blue sweater knitted by Carol Hanson, which graced our back wall all summer, this is the kind of yarn i would like to produce (of course without the handspun price!) Is this possible? Can i have this yarn ready for the WI Spin-In show and the WI Sheep and Wool Festival? I believe so :) As i write I have cauldrons of wool in greens and purples simmering away down in the basement!

My plan is to have my blends carded by Georgia at Quail Hill Carding because of her expertise in the area of carding beautiful clouds, then to send it off to be spun somewhere! My future goal is to have a processing mill right here at the shop and source from local shepherds in the area to create an eco-friendly yarn that is unique and local!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fair Isle Project

Of course, a lovely Dale baby sweater would be the perfect project! Not too huge . . . easier to finish . . . This beautiful child's ski sweater was knit by Gloria Fetty.

But also consider something adult sized - there's lots of great color information in Kristin Nicholas' new book, Kristin Knits. Look to Meg Swansen's Knitting for further inspiration. And of course, there are plenty of gorgeous Dale of Norway Adult patterns. Frankly, at this point, I can't choose from all the great patterns! I better decide soon - it's almost time for the knit-along!

Flutter Sleeve Cardigan

Spring is in the air! And with that glimpse of spring... more of a feeling really, something the weather just can't take away from us, comes a new inspiration for knitting. Away with the wool and on with the HEMP! This is a new yarn that just came in from Elsebeth Lavold called Hempathy. In a great range of spring and summer colors this yarn is soft and drapey, which is the perfect fit for your new summer top! The spring issue of Interweave Knits is full of great summer tops, but this one named Flutter Sleeve cardigan caught my eye right away, and even though my gauge is off by one stitch per inch i decided to go ahead anyway with the fun new Hempathy yarn in a wonderful celery green! I decided since my gauge was too loose on #7's that i would knit the next larger size and use a #5 needle. My gauge is now 6sts per inch (it is supposed to be 5sts per inch), but my fabric is just the right weight, not to loose and not too tight! This also knits up super fast, the back is almost complete and i just started 3 days ago! woohoo! I can't wait to wear this around the shop over tank tops all summer long!